Thursday, January 5, 2017

We Are Thinking About You

Poster: Mike - Practice Manager

As we enter 2017 we have been giving a great deal of thought to how we can better serve our patients and their families.  There is a lot we have done over the past year to continuously improve things you may never know or see, and to make sure you and your child's experience is better at every visit in ways you will appreciate.  As we move through the year we would like to stay in better touch about what we are working on and what we have already done.  So you will see posts from a number of different staff members on topics as diverse as -  what we do in the community to further children's dental health, more information on topics parents often have questions about, the steps we take to make sure everything we use to treat your child safe, clean and sterile, information on insurance and how you can get the most from your benefits and a number of other topics that are of interest to us because we feel they will be of interest to you.

I have the honor of writing our first post of 2017.  Looking at your child's dental home I get excited about things that may seem strange to the casual observer.  For example, we recently had a standby generator installed.  It was a significant investment for our office, but based on the experience we have had here at our new location we felt it was incredibly important.  In our old office we occasionally lost power and it's a fact of life living in Maine with the rain, snow and wind we experience here.  With that said, here in our new location we have found the power supply to be much less reliable.  We still have not been able to figure out why.  At the same time, we know and appreciate the fact that finding time in your and your children's busy schedule to come to the dentist can be a challenge.  We feel it's really important to honor your commitment to your child's dental health by making sure that we have done everything we can to be up and running when you get here no matter what is happening in the outside world.  Further, we want to always be sure we can finish your child's visit no matter the weather or situation.

Your convenience is important to us so we do things like keep backup computers setup and ready to put in place in the event a techno-gremlin finds its way into one of our critical computers.  It is also why we have worked to install HIPAA compliant on and off site backups for our patient records that allow our system to be up and running again within the hour if we have a catastrophic technical issue.  We take our responsibility of housing your child's dental information very seriously. We are always looking at the key elements of our practice that allow us to serve you and your family and trying to place ourselves in the position where we have backups for our backups.

Dr. Scholl, our hygienists, dental assistants, and business office staff work hard to make sure we keep your child's dental health, safety and comfort at the center of everything we do.  Along with that we focus on making visits convenient for parents and fun for kids.  We hope we will have a chance to see your little ones this year, and we promise to continue to strive every day to make your next visit better than your last.  If you ever have a question we can help you with please don't hesitate to give us a call.  Have a safe and happy 2017.

Mike - Practice Manager