Monday, October 31, 2011


Let me first start by saying that I LOVE Halloween!!!!  It is my favorite holiday...kinda weird coming from a dentist, I know.  I love dressing up, I love watching the kids run around, and I love the spooky decorations. 

Parents always ask me how to deal with all of the candy that comes in.  Parents expect me to say that they should throw it all away and pretend Halloween never happened.  This is just not realistic, candy is a part of Halloween, and, quite frankly, a part of life.  Heck, I'm giving out candy at my house (along with a toothbrush and toothpaste).  Take this opportunity to teach your kids the joys of moderation.  Remember, almost anything in moderation is fine...

I like to take my kids candy and tell him that he can choose two to three pieces to have after dinner.  Pair the sweets with a meal so the extra saliva can "rinse" off the sugars.  Brush their teeth at least a 1/2 hour after eating something sugary because the acid that attacks the teeth when you eat sugary food will dissipate by then.  Follow this plan for a few nights.  Most kids will not eat ALL of their Halloween candy.  Discard it after a while and be done with it.  The important thing to do is keep the candy in your possession.  You get to be the one in charge of when they have it and how much they get.  Try to avoid making a big deal out of how much candy they are getting.  If you make too much of a negative association with it, they will want it more (remember wanting what you can't have).  We should try to foster a healthier relationship with it, that's all.

Remember, the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities need sugar to grow.  If they don't get the sugar, they can't grow.  Every time your child gets sugar (through drinks, candy, sweets, etc), their likelihood of getting decay increases.  Therefore, we recommend limiting sugary foods and drinks to once a day with a meal.  The same rule goes for Halloween. 

Following this habit at home will instill a healthy relationship with sugar for your family.

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